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One Day Course

If you would like to spend a day exploring different mind techniques to help improve your archery - then come along the Mind Your Archery course.  This will run from 10am to 4pm and give you a range of techniques that you can use when shooting.

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It can be cured - it doesn’t take long (quite often just one session) - you really don’t have to shoot at a blank boss for weeks !!


As with many things in life sometimes in archery you get into unhelpful patterns of thinking.   

Some archers  allow this to interfere with their enjoyment of the sport and they may even give up. Don’t be one of those people.  

Archery is a fantastic sport and is supposed to be a relaxing hobby - don’t let your head spoil your fun.  Come along and, through some simple sessions, learn how to control your emotions and become a better archer because of it.

We can help you with:

- competition nerves

- target panic

- pressure to shoot quickly because others are waiting

- fear of being the last one left on the shooting line

- inability to come down if the shot does not feel right

- ignoring the comments of other archers

- and any other issues you may have.

Come to us and learn how to get your mindset to support you, rather than sabotage you.

We can also work on target panic - we have sorted out many archers in just one session !!


One hour Reiki session to balance your energies.

Using the body’s own energy centres Reiki can promote a deep sense of calm allowing harmony to be restored with a sense of balance and peaceful wellbeing.  Crystals will enhance the experience.

Mindfulness has many benefits - they include reducing stress, increasing focus and reducing emotional reactivity.  Each of these will be of benefit to you as an archer.  We are running a short taster session for those of you who have not yet tried this empowering and relaxing activity.  We will be running an 8 week course later in the year - this is just to whet your appetite.

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