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Carbon Arrows

At a recent Committee meeting we discussed, not for the first time, the use of Carbon arrows on the Club ranges. It was decided, because of the advances in the technology around arrows, and the cost and difficulty in finding suitable alternatives, that we would now allow the use of high-quality carbon arrows on the Club ranges.

Here is a list of manufacturers that produce high-quality all Carbon arrows and where each one is from.


  • Beman (now part of Easton)

  • Blackeagle - USA

  • Carbon Express - South Korea

  • Carbon Tech - USA/Mexico

  • Easton - USA

  • Fivics - South Korea

  • Gold Tip - USA

  • Victory - USA


If you are intending to buy Carbon Arrows, please look at the ones on this list. If you are contemplating some other manufacturer, please talk to our Coaching team before you buy.


The metal tips on carbon arrows do make them possible to be located using a metal detector (there is one located in the club room if you don’t have your own). It is important to not leave the field without finding all your arrows. If you do fail to find your arrows before you have to leave, please inform the Club by emailing me on giving details such as the target you were shooting on, and the distance, as well as the details of the arrow. If you find the arrow subsequently, please let me know too. Going forward we will keep a log of lost arrows

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